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The Life We Didn’t Plan – Most Realistic Combat Video Game

When life gets busy so does Holmes, but don’t worry, he’ll be back soon with more of his foreign affairs analysis and biting sarcasm. In the meantime, I thought I’d lighten things up a bit after that intense and important series on Iran (See Special Edition Iran in the Archives).

This is a piece by The Onion made shortly after the release of Call of Duty 2. Although the real Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 3 is already out, this is still a funny and disturbingly accurate spoof.

All the best to all of you for keeping it real.

Piper Bayard

10 thoughts on “ The Life We Didn’t Plan – Most Realistic Combat Video Game

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    Dave said:

    This should probably be required viewing for anyone going into military service…I’ve never served, but my money says that a military bureaucracy is like civilian bureaucracies in that certain group’s real product is paperwork. A major difference may be that military service may feature long stretches of incredible boredom punctuated by intense sequences of mind-blowing violence and fear. Civilian bureacracies feature long stretches of incredible boredom punctuated by…more boredom, more paperwork, and messing with the public.

    Is it even close?

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      J Holmes said:

      Yea I think that’s kind of close overall. It depends somewhat on what unit an individual serves in in the military but.

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      J Holmes said:

      Yes Jenny, and some times we could add “try not to hurt anyone while you’re there making war on the,”.

  2. LOL, Piper! I’ll have to show this to my 16 y.o. COD/Halo aficionado. Hubs will get a kick out of it, too. Hope Holmes is safe and not cleaning mud off of Humvees. 🙂

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    J Holmes said:

    Hi KB. I m back in “the world” at the moment. The world as in where the Humvees stop and the taxis start..

    Your 16 YO will surely appreciate the celebrity rating system. The lowest passing grade is “wouldn’t throw her out of my bed”. If my memory serves me right the highest grade is “I would do her til I passed out dead”. As far as I know the troops don’t usually debate whether or not the celebrity in question n would throw THEM out of her bed. I suppose that would be useless information to them.

  4. LOL. Funny and probably sadly realistic, right up to getting shot in the back. I think I like the cell phone coverage bit the best.


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      J Holmes said:

      Hi Nigel. As an engineer if you were in (or accompanying) a military unit you would find your popularity soaring the longer troops remained in any one place. “Hey Nigel, what’s the best way to patch a call to my sweet heart at home?” “Hey Nigel, can you help us build a microwave cooker/clothes drier in our tent with these spare radar parts? I know it can be done…” Your skills would be in high demand.

  5. The Onion is so quality, some of the best satire around. I hadn’t seen this Piper. Thanks for sharing.

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    J Holmes said:

    Hi Educlaytion. Piper is gone today but thanks for stopping by.

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