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Spanish Guitars and a Shark Whisperer

4 thoughts on “ Spanish Guitars and a Shark Whisperer

    • I so hear what you’re saying. There’s a reason Spanish musicians have a reputation for being passionate and intense.:) — Piper

  1. There’s definitely a passion about Spanish music – and Spanish dancing (etc). I suspect it was for good reason that Hemingway felt bullfighting was the only worthwhile sport, barbaric and awful though that particular sport actually is.

    Love the shark whispering. The diver, later known as ‘Lefty’ despite the butchers’ boning gloves, had a real knack for it…:-)

    • LOL. Lefty does seem to know what she’s doing, doesn’t she? I never would have thought of putting Spanish music to shark diving, but it totally works. Thanks for stopping by. — Piper

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