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Bugging Out — Terrific Dystopian Fiction

By Piper Bayard

Noah Mann delivers a winner of a dystopian thriller with BUGGING OUT. The future is alarmingly possible, the characters are refreshingly real, and the challenges are terrifying in this deftly-spun tale of survival and treachery in a world left barren by the Blight.

Bugging Out by Noah Mann

Eric “Fletch” Fletcher is a sensible man–prepared, but not quite a prepper. The sort of fellow many of us are or hope to have for a neighbor when it all hits the fan. When Eric’s best friend, a government insider, approaches him with a warning to get out of town, Eric is most reluctant to do so. He fights his shifting reality right up until all of the TV stations broadcast a Code Red. Then, he can deny it no longer. Eric Fletcher must bug out.

As a highly trained survivalist and disaster preparedness expert, Noah Mann weaves a journey of endurance and gritty wit with exceptional style and polished prose. A great read that both thrills and satisfies. I decidedly recommend BUGGING OUT.

You can find BUGGING OUT, as well as the sequel, EAGLE ONE, at Amazon. Click on the pictures for the links.

Bugging Out Series Eagle One


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4 thoughts on “ Bugging Out — Terrific Dystopian Fiction

  1. I read a sample and it’s very good. I’ll read it when I get a chance. I have a long to read list. LOL. Dystopian fiction is disturbing, but that’s not a bad thing if it makes you think. I can picture similar things in these stories happening in the not-too-distant future if something doesn’t change.

    • I think people draw inspiration from imagining the worst, and then imagining their own survival in the characters. 🙂

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