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So what I’m wondering is, how did they know what a cockatiel tasted like in the first place? And who has the job of sucking the birds’ feet to find out if they got it right? And if that one … Read the rest

Three men from the United Arab Emirates were deported from Saudi Arabia for being “too handsome.” The Saudis were afraid women would see them and throw off their clothes. I know. This sounds like a joke that Holmes and I … Read the rest

Eugene Backyard Farmer in Eugene, Oregon will pamper your little cluckers. Luxury Chicken Hotel Even Offers Turndown Service I know what you’re thinking. . . . No. Plucking. Way. Blogs and Articles in No Particular Order The 500 Hats of … Read the rest

We’ve all felt it. The intense gravity of Life’s long, cold winters. The incessant pull of one bad break after another that obliterates the very memory of easy laughter. Awareness condenses to a pinpoint where tomorrows are as meaningless as … Read the rest

I always joke that Kandinsky paintings look like my kids ate crayons and barfed on the canvas. I’m definitely thinking about feeding my kids some crayons after this. Metro the Painting Horse Come on, kids. You want to go to … Read the rest

I’m thinking the Swedes have a lot of time on their hands during those long winter nights. No Rest for the Dead with Surround Sound Coffins image by Robert Lawton, wikimedia commons For the full story, click on the title … Read the rest

By Piper Bayard and Jay Holmes There’s been much ado made about the end of the Mayans’ 13th b’ak’tun this Friday. The Mayans, themselves, are a bit baffled as to why the Western world is making such a fuss about … Read the rest

image from US Navy I woke up to hear a voice on the radio saying that two planes had crashed into the twin towers. I knew instantly it was no accident, but I had no way to compute the information … Read the rest

By Piper Bayard I opened my eyes yesterday and thought, “Who came up with this crap?” The crap I’m referring to is Daylight Savings Time. As if we could save either daylight or time. Image from Wikimedia Commons What is … Read the rest

By PiperBayard Grief burns my heart. The friction of Time dragging me through its currents, away from my beloved companion. The barest bloodstain remains in the cracks of the floorboards. A primal testament to her existence. A proof to my … Read the rest

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