Favorite weapon? The older I get, the more I like Cruise Missiles.

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By Piper Bayard Meet Parker.       We got Parker from the Humane Society when I had a feeling there was a dog waiting there that would be a perfect fit for our family. Parker had been taken back … Read the rest

By Piper Bayard Long ago, Holmes and I discussed the fact that we’re no good to each other dead. As we age, we have to work a little harder at that not getting dead thing than we used to. So … Read the rest

By Piper Bayard America is not a location. America is an ideal. It is the dream of a country where the government answers to the people, and not the other way around. Because America is an ideal, Americans are not … Read the rest

By Piper Bayard Remember all of those Jeff Foxworthy “you might be a redneck if” jokes? I didn’t know I was a redneck until Jeff Foxworthy identified me. “If you’ve ever honked at chickens while pulling into your driveway . . … Read the rest

By Piper Bayard I turned fifty in 2013, and in my life, I’ve learned that growing old sucks. Small strains take months to heal, old wounds are new aches and pains, and where the young woman I was had the … Read the rest

Until last week, I didn’t know what a flood looked like. In fact, before this past week, I had the complacent notion that the world would stay pretty much as it was when I was born, at least for the … Read the rest

By Piper Bayard Do you ever get ticked off at the strangers around you for doing things you think are thoughtless, rude, or stupid? Yep, I do it, too. So today I’m going to fess up. I’m the one who … Read the rest

By Piper Bayard Prime time TV would have us thinking teens are all a bunch of shallow losers who can’t think past their next freakish vampire/werewolf/angel/superhero boyfriend/girlfriend or their next gossip fix. Being the mother of teenage geeks, though, I … Read the rest

By Piper Bayard At this time in America’s history, partisanship is more heated than it has been since the Civil War. We are regularly smacked in the face by evidence that both major political parties put their own interests above … Read the rest

By Piper Bayard Bumper stickers. Sort of like Bathroom Readers for the road. I wonder sometimes if people even think about what they put on their cars. Take this popular one, for example: Why stop with random acts of kindness? … Read the rest

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