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Bayard & Holmes Every writer has had a conversation like this at some point.

Bayard & Holmes The Dad Life     Happy Father’s Day!

Bayard & Holmes 100 Years of Beauty — Iran   Marked change for women when the Ayatollah took over.

Bayard & Holmes Bride Answers Text at Altar   Best Wishes to the Newlyweds of June.

Bayard & Holmes District 13 Parkour Scene     Don’t try this at home!

Bayard & Holmes Headway . . . A Tribute to Unbreakable Spirits     We dedicate today’s post to Piper’s son, who is entering Marine OCS this weekend, as well as to all those who refuse to give up.  

Bayard & Holmes Seth Brings Jon Snow to a Dinner Party     Jon Snow 2016!

Bayard & Holmes The Mom Song     Happy Mother’s Day!

Bayard & Holmes Passover Rube Goldberg Machine     We especially enjoyed the Plague of Blood.

Bayard & Holmes Best Classroom April Fools Prank Ever   Wishing you a day of fun, harmless pranks.

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