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¬†Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe Sandwich. Yes, It’s Real. This is what happens when we no longer have Twinkies to fry. Blogs and Articles in No Particular Order Stacy Green is hosting Kassandra Lamb at her site for Thriller Thursday, and … Read the rest

Sex and breakfast cereal. Who’d have thought? I wonder what happens if you eat the wrong one. Click here for the article. . . . Does Sex Cereal, A New Breakfast Granola, Really Boost Sex Drive? Blogs and Articles in … Read the rest

By Piper Bayard and Jay Holmes There’s been much ado made about the end of the Mayans’ 13th b’ak’tun this Friday. The Mayans, themselves, are a bit baffled as to why the Western world is making such a fuss about … Read the rest

When I first saw this, I realized that the extremist Jewish peace organization, Sons of Isaac, and the extremist Islamic peace organization, Sons of Ishmael, have teamed up with activist group, Vegetarians for Peace. The serene triumvirate, in an effort … Read the rest

By Piper Bayard & Jay Holmes Recently, we discovered the ultimate bacon product, Tactical Bacon from thinkgeek.com. Because who would want to face the Apocalypse, a camping trip, or a simple plate of eggs without 18 servings of ten-year-old bacon … Read the rest

Mashed potatoes from a slurpee-like machine coming soon to a 7-11 near you. These are not your grandma’s mashed potatoes! Blogs and Articles in No Particular Order¬† Terrific book sale July 19-22! Get the details from international best selling author … Read the rest

Happy vegetables just taste better. I’m thinking this means the stars of veggie tales would make one heck of a great tasting salad. Blogs and Articles in No Particular Order This came to me via Heather Konik. Want to ‘Do … Read the rest

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