Plan twice, shoot once.

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Bayard & Holmes ~ Jay Holmes Opera is best enjoyed in an opera hall. Sadly, a majority of the world’s population has only experienced “opera” in the form of national and local governments. The performances are always expensive, the performers … Read the rest

By Jay Holmes On October 10, 2013, the Venezuelan Navy frigate Yakuna seized the ocean exploration ship Teknik Perdana from Guyanese waters and ordered it to proceed to Isla Margarita in Venezuela. On October 12, the headlines of a BBC … Read the rest

By Jay Holmes Since I published my last update on Syria in late November, the conflict remains in overtime, waiting for a tie breaker. It’s easy enough to watch the events play out from this safe distance, but for the 22.5 … Read the rest

By Jay Holmes As the Coalition of the Hesitant continues to exercise a “we fly, you no fly” zone over Libya today, several ironies and opportunities seem apparent to me. Before the ink was dry on the German surrender document … Read the rest

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