Favorite weapon? The older I get, the more I like Cruise Missiles.

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Bayard & Holmes The Dad Life     Happy Father’s Day!

Bayard & Holmes Headway . . . A Tribute to Unbreakable Spirits     We dedicate today’s post to Piper’s son, who is entering Marine OCS this weekend, as well as to all those who refuse to give up.  

Bayard & Holmes Crystallize — Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)   This one goes out to all those waiting patiently under the blanket of winter.     Video Wednesday features cool videos that Piper finds in her travels around … Read the rest

Silent Night, Holy Night Many thanks to best selling author Larry Enright for the beautiful acoustic guitar.

Taxidermy Chess: Play with Rooks and Dead Rodents Because jade, onyx, wood, pottery, crystal, resin, plastic and origami chess sets are passé. Blogs and Articles in No Particular Order Coming Home is Harder than Fighting in the War: How Yoga … Read the rest

What could be a cooler way to start the day than with rousing Spanish guitars and a Shark Whisperer  in one place? I especially like the part where she balances the full grown shark vertically on its nose. All the … Read the rest

Mico Headphones by Neurowear Read Minds and Choose Music Based on Mood Articles and Blogs in No Particular Order Many people objected to the media coverage of the Steubenville rape trial and the guilty verdicts handed down, as the press … Read the rest

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