Plan twice, shoot once.

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By Jay Holmes In 1984, the UK broke off relations with Libya when a Libyan Embassy staff member gunned down London policewoman, Yvonne Fletcher, in front of the Libyan embassy. The British SAS was called in to storm the Libyan Embassy. US Navy 6th … Read the rest

By Jay Holmes In 1970, the last US base in Libya closed. The American troops were happy to let oil tycoon Armand Hammer work his deals without them having to hang out in a place filled with sand, heat, more … Read the rest

By Jay Holmes This is in response to “mr blue,” who asked last Monday, “So what countries currently have the biggest impact in Egypt besides the Egyptians?” First Mr. Blue, take a deep breath. Except in Las Vegas, blue is not a … Read the rest

Jihad is about gender disparity, not religion, and Middle Eastern culture fails to meet the Happy Man Manual requirements. To end jihad, Moderate Muslims need to step up and be more proactive in favor of the Western benefits and freedoms they enjoy. This week, I’ll look at that other group who can end jihad and save Life as We Know It, Latino Women.

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