Authors of Espionage Tomes and International Spy Thrillers

“Even one mistake is two mistakes too many.”

~ SPYCRAFT: Essentials

“Dating for me was gorgeous Russian women appearing out of nowhere

and pretending to love me, and me pretending to believe them.”

~ Jay Holmes

“If you’re in a fair fight, you’re using poor tactics.”

~ Bayard & Holmes

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With the voice of forty-five years of experience in the Intelligence Community, Bayard & Holmes explore the lives of the espionage elite.

Ian Fleming–The Man Who Wrote the Myth

Bayard & Holmes~ Piper Bayard & Jay Holmes Back in 2010, we decided that Halloween, with its ghostly trappings, was a great day...

Mothers are Born of Children

By Piper Bayard   It's children who deliver mothers into the world. Before children, we are daughters, girlfriends, and wives, but until we...

Toilet Paper Giveaway and Social Distance Sale!

Bayard & Holmes~ Piper Bayard and Jay Holmes  Sometimes life is what happens while we're making plans. This time, the Coronavirus...

TIMELINE IRAN: Stone Age to Nuclear Age — Book Release!

New Release!Piper: "With the strike on Soleimani, I'm seeing a lot of disinformation out there about Iran and its history. Shall we give...

Timeline Oman: The “Other” Arabic Country

Bayard & Holmes ~ Jay Holmes   January 10, 2020 marks the passing of Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said, the man who led Oman, the...




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