Authors of Espionage Tomes and International Spy Thrillers

“Even one mistake is two mistakes too many.”

~ SPYCRAFT: Essentials

“Dating for me was gorgeous Russian women appearing out of nowhere

and pretending to love me, and me pretending to believe them.”

~ Jay Holmes

“If you’re in a fair fight, you’re using poor tactics.”

~ Bayard & Holmes

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With the voice of forty-five years of experience in the Intelligence Community, Bayard & Holmes explore key moments in espionage history.

Remembering Jack Downing

Bayard & Holmes~ Jay Holmes Former CIA Deputy Director of Operations Jack Gregory Downing passed away on June 27, 2021, but the...

Really, Saudi Arabia? You Call That an Assassination?

Bayard & Holmes~ Piper Bayard & Jay HolmesThe assassination of Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi is once more in the...

The Implications of TIME and HR1

Bayard & Holmes~ Piper Bayard The TIME Magazine article, "The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election,"...

Ian Fleming–The Man Who Wrote the Myth

Bayard & Holmes~ Piper Bayard & Jay Holmes Back in 2010, we decided that Halloween, with its ghostly trappings, was a great day...

Mothers are Born of Children

By Piper Bayard   It's children who deliver mothers into the world. Before children, we are daughters, girlfriends, and wives, but until we...




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