The Good, the Bad, & the Booty


“Well-researched and written, this book is great for not only the casual reader or spy fan but also for those who are more well-versed in the subjects.”


~ Doug Patteson, Former CIA Operations Officer

With the voice of forty-five years of experience in the Intelligence Community, Bayard & Holmes explore the lives of the espionage elite.

  • A one-legged woman operating behind Nazi lines, deemed to be “the most dangerous spy in all of France.”
  • A young man left for dead, not worth a Viet Cong bullet, who survives to fight terrorists for six more decades.
  • A homeless child who becomes an iconic showgirl, entertaining world leaders while running spy rings from the top stages of Europe.
  • A traitor operating at the top of Western intelligence who sells out his own, killing a thousand in his wake.

More heroic and more treacherous than any fiction Hollywood could produce are these genuine operatives of the Shadow World, who prove that “we’re only human” is not an excuse to fail, but a reason to succeed.