With the voice of over forty-five years of experience in the Intelligence Community, Bayard & Holmes explore crucial conflicts and the lives of astonishing individuals.

• The former slave who graduated from West Point
• The American who would be king of Mexico and Nicaragua
• The wild and crazy founder of modern special operations
• The man who taught the FBI to shoot
• The brave pilots of the Battle of Britain
• The rise and fall of Japanese militarism
• The Ottomans vs. Vienna . . . twice
• The Mexican/American War
• The Scream Heard Round the World and the Battle of Manila
• British drug pushers in China–The Opium Wars
• The Boer Wars and the British Concentration Camps
• The Battle of Verdun
• An intelligence perspective on Benghazi
• The Battle of Fallujah and the lessons we have yet to learn

People who excite the imagination and battles that shaped the modern world.