Nonfiction by Bayard & Holmes

What do the main intelligence agencies do and where do they operate? How do they recruit personnel? What are real life honey pots and sleeper agents? What about truth serums and enhanced interrogations? And what are the most common foibles of popular spy fiction?

With the voice of over forty years of experience in the Intelligence Community, Bayard & Holmes answer these questions and share information on espionage history, firearms of spycraft, tradecraft techniques, and the personalities and personal challenges of the men and women behind the myths.

Though crafted with advice and specific tips for writers, SPYCRAFT: Essentials is for anyone who wants to learn more about the inner workings of the Shadow World.

“From novices to experts, I suspect everyone will find something in this book that they did not know before.”
~ Doug Patteson
Film Technical Advisor and Former CIA Officer



What professional baseball player obtained films of Tokyo that were used to facilitate the WWII Tokyo Bombing Raid? Who taught the FBI to shoot? What author was the leader of British Naval Intelligence’s most elite WWII group? Which famous university produced a cadre of Soviet spies? What notorious courtier was a booty spy for the Vatican? And what renowned showgirl ran a spy ring in France during WWII?

Learn about these espionage elites and others in our upcoming collection of biographies.