If you're in a fair fight, you're using poor tactics.

Bayard & Holmes ~ Jay Holmes As part of overall US strategy in the Pacific region, the US is attempting to forge a closer economic and military relationship with Indonesia. The Obama administration made improving ties with Indonesia a major … Read the rest

Bayard & Holmes District 13 Parkour Scene     Don’t try this at home!

Bayard & Holmes Headway . . . A Tribute to Unbreakable Spirits     We dedicate today’s post to Piper’s son, who is entering Marine OCS this weekend, as well as to all those who refuse to give up.  

Bayard & Holmes ~ Jay Holmes A key part of the evolving US strategic response to communist China’s nouveau-imperialist agenda in the Pacific is to strengthen its alliance with democratic Malaysia.     At first glance, the relationship between the … Read the rest

Bayard & Holmes Seth Brings Jon Snow to a Dinner Party     Jon Snow 2016!

Bayard & Holmes ~ Jay Holmes Chinese aggression in the South China Sea is causing Japan to strengthen its alliance with the US and build new and unlikely partnerships with some traditional enemies.     Building a stronger defensive alliance … Read the rest

By Piper Bayard   It’s children who deliver mothers into the world. Before children, we are daughters, girlfriends, and wives. But until we love a child, we are not mothers. The part of us that grows into a mother remains … Read the rest

Bayard & Holmes The Mom Song     Happy Mother’s Day!

Bayard & Holmes ~ Jay Holmes In response to the People’s Republic of China’s recent sovereignty claims over the entire South China Sea/West Philippines Sea and China’s escalated aggression in those international waters, US President Obama and his administration have … Read the rest

Bayard & Holmes ~ Jay Holmes On November 23, 2013, the People’s Republic of China declared its East China Sea Air Defense and Identification Zone, which asserted expanded territorial boundaries. The new zone includes international waters as well as areas … Read the rest

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