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Children Give Birth to Mothers

By Piper Bayard

image by Sam Pullara, wikimedia commons

image by Sam Pullara, wikimedia commons

It’s children who deliver mothers into the world. Before children, we are daughters, girlfriends, and wives. But until we love a child, we are not mothers. The part of us that grows into a mother remains a child until a child becomes more important to us than we are to ourselves.

Mother’s Day is the day we honor the women who were delivered by children. The women who love us more than they love themselves, whether they are our actual mothers and grandmothers, or the sisters and mentors who have come into our lives and taught us what love means.

Today, I not only think of my beloved mother, who smiles down on me as I love her grandchildren and laughs at me each time I use the klunky electric skillet I always teased her about. But I am also made complete with gratitude toward my children. The people who gave birth to the mother in me. I would not be me without them.

This one is for the babies. The ones who keep us forever young . . . Thank you.

To all women who love a child more than they love themselves, Happy Mothers Day.

All the best to all of you for staying forever young.

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17 thoughts on “ Children Give Birth to Mothers

  1. You expressed my thoughts this morning very well. I had been thinking along these lines myself. My daughter, now 36 years old, is who makes me a mother. It is she who allows me to enjoy Mother’s Day. She is treating me to a Mother’s Day lunch, but it is thanks to her that I am a mother. So I will be sure to thank her for being the wonderful daughter that she is and to be grateful for the many years she has given me, for allowing me to be her mother.

  2. Beautiful post, Piper, and such a celebration of the mother-child and child-mother bond, which shapes us all our lives. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

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    tomwisk said:

    I miss my mother. She’s been gone since 1960. I’ve got a lot to say and apologize for.

  4. A wonderful post! I made a drive of 200 miles on Saturday and was able to be at my mum’s house for Mother’s Day.. And I miss my mother-in-law, who passed away in 2008 and was like a second mother to me. I am not sure how many people can say that about their mother-in-law. But it was true for me.

    • So glad you got to spend the time with your mum. Like you, I am fortunate in my mother-in-law. What a blessing!

  5. A beautiful and true post. Being a mom is amazing. So grateful to my children for what I’ve learned from them and loving being a grandma. 🙂

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