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The Spy Bride Challenge and Giveaway!

It’s a big week here at Bayard & Holmes!

We are proud to announce the release of our first novella, THE SPY BRIDE, in the Bestsellers’ Collection RISKY BRIDES. Bayard & Holmes are honored to join USA Today Bestsellers Vicki Hinze, Rita Herron, Donna Fletcher, Peggy Webb, and Kathy Carmichael, and veteran authors Kimberly Llewellyn and Tara Randel as we each share our unique take on what it means to be a risky bride.

8 novels and novellas. 8 genres. 8 risky brides.

The Spy Bride Risky Brides Boxed Set final Cover

To celebrate, we’re having two contests!

The Spy Bride Blogger Challenge

We are inviting all bloggers to write a post about absolutely anything espionage or wedding related. Link back to this post to be entered in a contest for a $25 Amazon card and a copy of RISKY BRIDES.

Write about your favorite Bond movie, your favorite historical spook, or how you used to spy on your siblings. Tell us about your wildest bachelor party, your favorite wedding, or your worst bridesmaid’s dress. If you manage to write about both spooks and weddings in the same post, you’ll have your name entered twice.

Be sure to link back to this post so we see your entry!

The winner will be chosen on Thanksgiving Day. I will attach the names of all entries to a shooting target. Then I will blindfold my lovely daughter, DD, and she will shoot the target. The name that is shot will be the winner of the coveted Amazon gift card.

DD ready to determine the winner.

DD ready to determine the winner.

And for our awesome readers . . .

We have some wonderful prizes for our readers, as well. Sign up for the Bayard & Holmes Newsletter and be automatically entered to win a Secret Decoder Ring, a stash of Ghirardelli chocolate, or a bottle of sparkling wine from Mumm Napa vineyard.

Bayard & Holmes Newsletter Link–Click Here to Enter

Feel free to enter both contests!

Best of luck to all of you. Can’t wait to see your entries!





RISKY BRIDES is on sale for a limited time at only $.99 and is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, and Kobo.


THE SPY BRIDE by Bayard & Holmes — Spy Thriller Quick Read

With her wedding only days away, a CIA operative and her mother must thwart a top-level traitor before he delivers computer technology to international crime cartels, allowing them to hack US security systems and target thousands of innocents for slaughter.

THE MARKED BRIDE by Vicki Hinze — Romantic Thriller Novel

Nine months after breaking their engagement, Mandy sends Tim, a private security consultant and former Shadow Watcher (spies who spy on spies), an SOS. She’s in trouble. NINA caused the breakup and, though Mandy and Tim have been apart, NINA has struck—targeting Mandy.

THERE GOES THE GROOM by Rita Herron — Romantic Suspense Novel

A jilted bride is arrested for her fiancé’s crimes when he goes on the lam!

THE IRISH DEVIL by Donna Fletcher — Historical Romance Novel

The infamous warrior the Irish Devil was promised a bride by the King of Ireland for services rendered. Faith is as kind as she is beautiful and wants no part of marrying the fierce warrior, but has no choice, and once wed she discovers just how sinful the devil is.

ELVIS AND THE BURIED BRIDES by Peggy Webb — Cozy Mystery Quick Read

Bad boy Jack Jones is finally retying the marital knot! But where is the bride? When Callie and cousin Lovie both go missing, everybody is crying in the chapel. Can canine sleuth Elvis and the Valentine gang find them in time to croon “Love Me Tender” at the wedding?

SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMETHING DEADLY by Kathy Carmichael — Mystery Quick Read

When the groom is found murdered hours before the wedding, can bridesmaid and owner of the Skullduggery Inn, Ashley Sands, clear the bride from imminent arrest? With numerous suspects, all with strong motives, Ash must figure out who-dun-it before the murderer strikes again.

LOVE AT THE SWEETHEART INN by Tara Randel — Sweet Romance Novel

Wedding planner Kara Delaney has had her heart broken too many times to expect a wedding of her own. Lucas Winfield can’t promise forever to any woman. As they work together on a wedding, the attraction is undeniable, but can they overcome their pasts to have a future together?

ALMOST A BRIDE by Kimberly Llewellyn — Sexy Romance Novel

After getting dumped at the altar, Ivy Hammond enters a sexy research study with one rule: don’t fall in love. But with each sizzling assignment, her hot research partner, Kip Lockehart, convinces her some rules were made to be broken.

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45 thoughts on “ The Spy Bride Challenge and Giveaway!

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  3. To use a Bayard & Holmes metaphor, I’ve got this anthology locked and loaded…on my tablet! I absolutely loved “The Spy Bride” and am looking forward to reading the rest of the stories! Hope you record a video of DD making the shot. Nothing says “Thanksgiving” like some weapons fire. 😉 Now I’m off to plan my post….

  4. Ooh, I’m in! Just have to figure out which track to take, and I’ll be back to post my link. Congratulations on the release. The Spy Bride is such a great story, I’m glad to see it in print. 🙂

  5. I really am looking forward to reading this collection!!!!! How incredibly thoughtful of Bayard & Holmes to provide so much for their readers and fellow bloggers. You two are just the best!
    Congratulations on being part of this wonderful collection!


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  7. What fun! I loved THE SPY BRIDE, and can’t wait to offer up my blogging entry into the contest! I’ll come back and link to it when it posts on Monday!

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  9. How did you know I am an “Amazon Card Ho?” Seriously. I don’t know diddly about espionage, but I can write about weddings all day long, especially if it helps DD shoot my name.

    I’ve got Risky Brides downloaded to my Kindle. I can’t wait to get past all my work deadlines and dive in. Congratulations!!

  10. This sounds like fun…I already have a copy on my Kindle, but it couldn’t hurt to have another copy. I started with yours and Jay’s story and I’m almost finished with it. I’m enjoying it immensely. Pierce Brosnan is my favorite Bond (although I enjoy all the films and like Sean Connery a lot too). I’m debating about which Bond film he was in to write about; it’s a hard choice.

      • I’m working on an entry now. I’ll do my best to get the link to you in the next couple of days. Are we okay so long as we have it ready before Thanksgiving? I wasn’t absolutely sure about the deadline.

        • An excellent question! Entries are all eligible if they are posted by midnight on Wednesday, November 26. So glad you are participating! 🙂

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