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Memorial Day–New Zealand Style By Matthew Wright Guest Post at Bayard & Holmes     In one of the quirks of history, both New Zealand and Australia remember their war dead on 25 April – which isn’t when any war … Read the rest

Bayard & Holmes ~ Piper Bayard Independence Day was not the end of our fight for freedom, but only the beginning. Most of the men who signed our Declaration of Independence lost their fortunes and their lives in the fight. … Read the rest

By Piper Bayard America is not a location. America is an ideal. It is the dream of a country where the government answers to the people, and not the other way around. Because America is an ideal, Americans are not … Read the rest

By Piper Bayard My family will gather at the graves today. As I think on The Ones Who Have Gone Before, echos of laughter, adages, card games, and dipped chocolates bring them to life from the mists of my memory. … Read the rest

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