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Bayard & Holmes ~ Piper Bayard Big Media, Big Politics, and Big Business all profit financially and politically when they keep the public worked up in fear and/or outrage. They are not our friends. Let’s take some of their power … Read the rest

Bayard & Holmes ~ Jay Holmes On Tuesday, November 24, 2015, two Turkish Airforce F-16s shot down a Russian SU-24. How will that incident impact Russia-Turkey relations, Russia-West relations, NATO response, and the fight against ISIS?     Not surprisingly, … Read the rest

Bayard & Holmes ~ Jay Holmes On Saturday, October 3, a Russian fighter flown from Syria entered Turkish airspace without Turkey’s permission.     Turkey responded by summoning the Russian Ambassador to Turkey to receive a formal complaint from the … Read the rest

Bayard & Holmes ~ Jay Holmes Stories and concerns are circulating about an escalated Russian military presence in Syria. Many of the stories focus on the fact that Russia has sent four Sukhoi SU-30SM fighter jets and eight military helicopters … Read the rest

By Jay Holmes Precisely who is fighting in Ukraine depends upon whom you ask. When Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin speaks to non-Russians, he claims the Russian-speaking Ukrainian rebels are valiantly fighting to save Russian-speaking orphans, Jews, and senior citizens from … Read the rest

By Jay Holmes Friday, November 14, 2014 might end up being an important date in Western history—not for what happened on this day, but rather for what didn’t happen. The French government failed to deliver the new Mistral class helicopter … Read the rest

By Jay Holmes This past February, Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin ordered his intelligence and military services to invade Crimea in the Eastern Ukraine. Western governments loudly condemned Russia’s aggression, but practical responses have been limited to minor economic sanctions and … Read the rest

By Jay Holmes On February 23, 2014, with the help of ethnic Russians in Crimea, Russia’s special forces and intelligence services stepped up their pro-Russian campaign to a degree that signaled that a Russian invasion and annexation of the Crimean … Read the rest

By Jay Holmes If we are to have any chance of understanding the present dynamic of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, we must look to the history of the region and its people. In Part One, we followed the … Read the rest

By Jay Holmes As the storm breaks over the Eurasian steppes, the world is busy wondering how far Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, a.k.a. Stalin 2.0, will go in his invasion of Ukraine. To make a guess at that, it’s essential … Read the rest

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