China’s ‘occupy toilet’ protests spread

Fed up with the long lines at the ladies’ rooms next to the absence of lines at the men’s rooms, Chinese women are having their own “Occupy” movement by occupying men’s rooms as a way of protesting. They are demanding equal time, or lack thereof.

Click here for the full story.

What do you think? Should American women try this one? Especially at sporting events?

Blogs and Articles in No Particular Order

Vicki Hinze’s Diamond Giveaway Contest. Enter to win a copy of her exciting new release, NOT THIS TIME, and a half carat diamond necklace. (Feel free to lie and say your name is Piper Bayard when you enter. :))

I love seeing two favorites in one place. New York Times Best Selling Author James Rollins interviews Golden Globe winner Howard Gordon, a writer who’s brought us such gems as X-Files, 24, and Homeland.Β Author to Author: From Screen to Page with Howard Gordon

Howard Gordon, writer of X-Files, 24, Homeland, and now Awake.

Wonderful analysis from Lonny Dunn over at ProNetworkBuild. Does Your Twitter Profile Really Matter?

Holmes spotted this hysterical post by Leanne Shirtliffe over at Nickmom. 9 Ways Feeding an Infant is a Lot Like Having Sex

Having grown up in a very fundamentalist Christian part of the world, Jenny Hansen’s post had me ROFL, especially the video. Perfect for the season of Lent. Help Prevent Sinning with “The Sin Collar”

I went to see This Means War with my daughter, and we loved it. Great fun. Jillian Dodd has a terrific review with, of course, some great pictures. Movie Review: This Means War

Welcome to the Otherworld by Kate Wood. This falls under “pleasant things to think about that stimulate the imagination.”

Foods for a Beautiful Brain by August McLaughlin. You’ll be surprised at some of the foods on this list that can help your brain be its best. The only flaw I can see in it is the absence of bacon. That has to be a mistake.

A little known Piper Fact. I love rabbits. So when I saw this video of a Swedish rabbit that takes charge of the barnyard and herds the sheep, I had to share it with you. It had me laughing through the whole thing. I especially like how the sheep dog and the farmer hang out and and watch through a lot of it. Meet Champis, the sheep herding rabbit.

All the best to all of you for a week of keeping your sheep in line.

Piper Bayard