By Piper Bayard and Jay Holmes

Almost every religion celebrates holy days around the time of the spring equinox. Jews are celebrating Passover this week, Christians are celebrating Easter today, and Wiccans had their Ostara festival on the equinox, to name only a few.

Piper’s religion, Baseball, also celebrates a holy day this time of year. It’s called Opening Day. It’s the day when all adherents are united in the intensity created by the fresh awareness that no matter how old we are, Life holds stories that are yet to be written.

Regardless of the rituals or the beliefs, this unquenchable Hope is the thing religions share in common at this time of year. Some call it Salvation. Some call it Renewal. Some simply call it Spring. But for all of us, it is the call to our souls that reminds us that anything is possible. Even miracles.

South Korean child music prodigy Seongha Jeong is a living example that anything is possible. Seongha was born September 2, 1996, and in the video below, he is 10 years old. He is playing Piper’s favorite classical song, Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.

Blessed Passover; Blessed Ostara; Happy Easter; Joyous Spring. And as for Opening Day, may the odds be ever in the Yankees’ favor. 🙂

All the best to all of you for endless possibilities.