This is a picture I took in the Ladies Room of our local Red Robin restaurant.

I guess we just wouldn’t want to miss one minute of those political conventions, would we?

Blogs and Articles in No Particular OrderΒ 

New York Times Best Selling Author Bob Mayer is doing an excellent series on Special Operations Forces. Do You Know Who Special Operations Forces Are & What They Do? Part 1

Susan Spann Writes with Dragons and Seahorses over at The Debutante Ball, a group blog for select writers who are releasing their debut novels within the year. Congratulations, Susan!

“Too many people underestimate what a big deal that simply staying in the game really is.” Pearl of wisdom, that. Maturity–The Difference Between the Amateur and the Professional by Best Selling Author Kristen Lamb.

What do you call your fluffy friends? Cat Names 101 by Amy Shojai.

Sometimes our purpose is to serve as a warning to others. Renee Jacobson has some great tips learned from hard experience. Rebooting Myself after the Great Computer Crash: You Gotta Back That Thang Up

Success Tips from a Drama Dog is up at Paige Kellerman’s blog. Stop by and congratulate her on the birth of her son, “Doc Holiday,” who came in at close to 10 lbs. Reporting Live: The Fat Eagle Has Landed

Super fun and informative article from Leslie Hedrick – A Vague History of Monasticism.

This video comes to us today from Shawna Coronado, the Queen of Green. WARNING: Do not medicate before viewing this or you will get nothing else done today!

Now for the Poll Daddy campaign style question of the day.

All the best to all of you for knowing when and where to indulge.

Piper Bayard–The Pale Writer of the Apocalypse