Steve Newman is committed to saving rhinos from poachers through the charity Skydive for Rhinos. He raised $10,000 by committing to skydiving naked on their behalf. Get the full story here.

Steve Newman Skydives Naked to Save Rhinos

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Here’s hoping there are no lasting side effects beyond helping rhinos.

Blogs and Articles in No Particular Order

First and foremost, Bayard & Holmes congratulate our critique partner/beta reader/editor Ellie Ann on her book deal with Stonehouse Ink. Ellie is now a co-author with #1 Amazon Best Seller Aaron Patterson (A-Patt). Their first project together, BREAKING STEELE, is about foster care brat turned Assistant District Attorney Sarah Steele who must stop a murderer before he kills her and the people she loves. Is dedicated ADA or an angry vigilante? Pre-order by clicking on the title in the previous sentence.

You can join Ellie Ann in celebrating her book deal at Breaking Steele, the New Book Deal, and A-Patt.

Good Fences – Setting Boundaries in a World with No Borders by Best Selling Author and Social Media Jedi Kristen Lamb. How do you manage digital time predators?

Ball Lightening Explained – and It’s Not Antimatter or Aliens via Author Jason A. Myers. I always wondered about this stuff.

The Name’s Bond. James Bond. Author Donna Newton asks who is your favorite Bond as we all wait on the edge of our seats for Skyfall, out Oct. 26 in the UK and Nov. 9 in the US.

What would you do in the event of a shooter? Run, Hide, Fight by K.B. Owen. Be sure to check the comments for a lively debate.

Great advice from Jenny Hansen. How to Add Up Your E-Book Sales in a Snap

This one is always fun. Which Famous Author Do You Write Like? Apparently, the program sees similarities between me and Mark Twain. I’ll take that.

From R.F. Moran, The United States Constitution – A Primer. This is a quick read with some well-described basics every citizen can understand.

Steve Newman isn’t the only skydiver in the news this week. Felix Baumgartner breaks the world skydiving record, free-falling from 23 miles above the earth and breaking the sound barrier. No, this was not part of our space program. This was done with Red Bull Stratos. You know. Red Bull. The energy drink that has a better space program than our government. This is the entire jump. It took him the better part of ten minutes, during which time he had to pull himself out of a high altitude tumble. Amazing. Congratulations, Felix!

And now for our campaign style Poll Daddy of the week.

All the best to all of you for a week of keeping it covered.

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