A 5-yr-old at the Mount Carmel Area Elementary school was suspended for a “terrorist threat.” She apparently told a friend she was going to shoot her with a pink Hello Kitty bubble gun.

Hello Kitty Bubble Gun

Read the story here: Girl’s Bubble Gun Center of ‘Terrorist Threat’ at Pennsylvania’s Mount Carmel Area Elementary School.

The NRA has since begun a campaign to prevent the unconstitutional banning and confiscation of Hello Kitty bubble guns, while President Obama has Β promised to sign all of the Executive Orders necessary to protect our children from bubble violence. The children are simply confused and want their toys back.

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As a follow up to last week’s Princess Bride T-Shirt Debacle, Matthew J. Wright pointed me to The Tale of the Inconceivable T-Shirt, a New Zealander’s take on that absurd moment in the history of air travel.

Apparently, our Activity Logs on Facebook are going to be open to all comers. Thank you, Paige Kellerman, for directing me to this article. Thanks, Zuck: I’m So Excited to Spend My Weekend Sorting Out My Activity Log

The Chocolate Crisis Center now offers Couples Therapy.

Bond Quintessential with Gun

Sean Connery as James Bond

My Name is Fleming. Ian Fleming. 007 Things You Can Learn about Writing from James Bond by Colin Falconer.

From Historical Fiction Author and Publishing Attorney Susan Spann, TICK-TOCK: Timelines in the Author Business Plan. Look for Susan’s debut novel, CLAWS OF THE CAT, due to be released in July.

Also watch for Kerry Schafer’s debut novel, BETWEEN. Susan is having a big giveaway to help Kerry celebrate. With one “like” click, you can enter to win your own copy. The Big BETWEEN Giveaway Begins!

BETWEEN by Kerry Schafer

A beautiful story from Screenwriter, Best Selling Author, Bacon Connoisseur, and All Around Wonderful Person Ryne Douglas Pearson. Deformed Dolphin Accepted into New Family

Photos from the Up Helly Aa Viking Festival Celebrated in Shetland, Scotland.

Best Selling Author Kristen Lamb has been posting an outstanding series about the things that can destroy us in our careers. Enemies of the Art, Part 5 — Pride

This is a Budweiser commercial set to air during the Super Bowl. I think it’s my all-time favorite.

All the best to all of you for resisting the urge to over-react.

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