Sex and breakfast cereal. Who’d have thought? I wonder what happens if you eat the wrong one.

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Does Sex Cereal, A New Breakfast Granola, Really Boost Sex Drive?

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Jay Donovan of Techsurgeons, LLC teaches an outstanding class in Internet Safety. His next one is March 28, and I highly recommend it. Jenny Hansen at More Cowbell gives us a preview. 5 Internet Security Tips to Help You (and Your Data) Stay Safe

Most bloggers I know want to be generous in approving comments, Holmes and I included. But at what point do we say enough is enough when people leave “passionate” comments? Lisa Hall-Wilson asks, Free Speech and Trolls: Where Do We Draw the Line?

March has been a busy month in criminal history. Stacy Green gives us the recap. Thriller Thursday: This Month In Criminal History

image from Library of Congress

image from Library of Congress

Espionage, The Red Planet, and Ah-nold. Catie Rhodes takes us back with Total Recall.

Wise words from K.M. Huber on being in the moment. Staying and Straying: The Tension of Two

Getting it Up, Keeping it Up: The Conundrum for Indie Authors by New York Times Best Selling Author Bob Mayer.

This one will have you laughing. Teen Running from Cop Picks Wrong House for Hiding

As someone who is techno-averse, I found this French commercial hysterical.

And just in case you’ve forgotten the ridiculous rhetoric of political campaigns, our Poll Daddy of the week.

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