Eugene Backyard Farmer in Eugene, Oregon will pamper your little cluckers.

Luxury Chicken Hotel Even Offers Turndown Service

I know what you’re thinking. . . . No. Plucking. Way.

Blogs and Articles in No Particular Order

The 500 Hats of Blog-tholomew Cubbins: Reducing Social Media Stress by August McLaughlin.

TV reviewer Tiffany A. White offers her suggestions. A Pick Per Night 2013

Catie Rhodes, author of Forever Road, gives us the basic scoop on Tarot Cards. It’s All in the Cards

Forever Road by Catie Rhodes

I don’t remember needing accessories for wine back in the day. Jess Witkins makes them cool. Guilty Pleasures: Wine Accessories

It’s not secret. I love men. Jenny Hansen helps me celebrate the box-lifting gender. M is for Man Facts ~ Here’s 13 Groovy Ones

Paige Kellerman, the 21st Century Erma Bombeck, brings us the day’s laughs. Are the Insects Dead Yet?

And this one’s for my fellow geeks. Harrison Ford has a fight with Chewbacca and storms out of Jimmy Kimmel.

Campaign Style Poll Daddy of the Week.

All the best to all of you for a week of being pampered.

Piper Bayard