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Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe Chicken Charlie's

This is what happens when we no longer have Twinkies to fry.

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Stacy Green is hosting Kassandra Lamb at her site for Thriller Thursday, and Kassandra is asking, Narcissist or Psychopath?

We’ve all been hearing about PRISM this past week–the NSA program that collects all of our electronic data and scrutinizes it without probable cause or warrants. But it’s not just the US. Five countries, the US, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, are known in the government and intelligence agencies as the “Five Eyes.” The alliances between the intelligence agencies of these five countries effectively allows them to circumvent any prohibitions against spying on their OWN citizens in that they spy on EACH OTHERS’ citizens and share the information on a “massive spy cloud.” PRISM: Concerns Over Government Tyranny are Legitimate by Kim Dotcom at The Guardian.


An interview with . . . me! Historical fiction author Susan Spann got me to spill about this month’s dystopian thriller release, FIRELANDS, and forced me to reveal my favorite childhood story. No offense, New Yorkers. An Interview with Piper Bayard!

Heather Konik is holding a contest over at Prawn & Quartered. Submit a question for her site mascot, Murdock from the A-Team, and enter to win a $20 Amazon gift card. New Contest: Interview with the Site Mascot

The fascinating Miss Violet Jessop survived not one, but 3 shipwrecks. The Face That Sunk a Thousand Ships (Well 3, Anyway) by Colin Falconer.

A Cheerios commercial with a bi-racial couple caused quite the stir, generating so many hateful, racist comments that Cheerios had to turn off the comments at YouTube. While that’s disturbing, there have been a couple of great LOL spoofs–the silver lining.

This video shows the original commercial and Deon Cole’s hysterical parody take on it:

And then we have this seam-splitter from Kenji America:

Congratulations to best selling author Kristen Lamb! She just finished her third book about social media, Rise of the Machines, and it’s outstanding. Check out her cover art by Corey Clubb of Go Bold Designs, the same fellow who did the art for Firelands. Change–Resistance is Futile

Rise of the Machines Cover

The Blessings of a Botched Piano Recital, in which Nina Badzin tells about my stage trauma and the lessons we can learn from it.

Father’s Day is this Sunday. Our guest blogger and soon-to-be regular at Social In Worldwide, K.B. Owen, shares Dad’s Secret to Great BBQ Chicken.

And if you’re still wondering about the perfect gift for Dad . . . Look no further! This will at least give him a great belly laugh. When Words Aren’t Enough–Say It With Bacon

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All the best to all of you for a week of tasty treats.

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