Vatican Recalls Pope Francis Medals after Jesus’ Name Misspelled

Pope Francis Image by Agencia Brasil, wikimedia commons

Pope Francis
Image by Agencia Brasil, wikimedia commons

On a Pope Francis commemorative medal, the Vatican misspelled the name “Jesus” as “Lesus.” Four of the medals were delivered before over 6000 others were withdrawn. Click title for the full story.

News from the Unnecessary Government Shutdown Drama Department:

Park Service Abuses Spark New ‘Battle of Yorktown’

Amid Growing Complaints, Government Unblocks View of Mount Rushmore. Blocking the pullouts on the road with cones? Seriously?

Last week it started when the WWII Vets took and occupied the WWII Memorial. This Sunday it continues with the Million Vet March on the Memorials. This is the 17th government shutdown since 1977. None of the other 16 shutdowns resulted in barricades around our memorials, people being run out of their privately owned homes, or private restaurants being shut down. This time, there are reports from government employees who say they have been told to make the public as miserable as possible. I’m so proud of our vets for taking action against this unnecessary melodrama, and I support them 100%.

Million Vet March on Memorials

And to bring a bit of levity to the situation, Revocation of Independence by itzhakts.

Blogs and Articles in No Particular Order

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The Tale of Frida

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This lady has some great moves. Yeva Shiyanova dances to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

Campaign Style Question of the Week:

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