By Piper Bayard

On a recent whim, my family made the trek to the Bass Pro Shop. As always, my daughter DD and I had fun checking out all of the stuff and things. Here are a few of our favorites . . .

MyPhotos Xmas 2013 BBQ Sauces

Now that’s a tough choice.

MyPhotos Xmas DD with Machete

The perfect accessory for every young lady. Move over Machete!

MyPhotos Xmas Hideous Purse w:Cross

No wait . . . Maybe this is the perfect accessory.

MyPhotos Xmas Fish Finders

These are fish finders–in case your worm and expertise aren’t working. Take a look at the price tags. You’re not imagining things. They actually had fish finders that cost over $2k. I’m thinking you could buy a lot of fish for $2k.

MyPhotos Xmas Duck Dynasty Dog Biscuits

Guaranteed to make your dog happy, happy, happy!

MyPhotos Xmas DD Photobomb

Gotta have a DD photo bomb.

MyPhotos Xmas DD on kiddie ATV

Come on, DD. That’s for the three-year-olds.

What fun stuff have you found lately?