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Things That Might Make You Want to Slap Someone


Why the OPM Hack is Far Worse Than You Imagine — Michael Adams, Lawfare

As you may recall, China hacked the US Office of Personnel Management a few years back. That included the sensitive personnel files of our Intelligence Community.  


A Tennessee Clinic Swindled the US Military Out of $65M. This is How It Got Caught — Brett Kelman, Nashville Tennessean  


Air New Zealand Plane Forced to Turn Around After It Forgot to Remove Reference to Taiwan — Hamish Rutherford and John Anthony, Stuff

Communist China selectively enforces its policy to refuse to have diplomatic relations with any country that recognizes Taiwan as an independent country. China doesn’t particularly need New Zealand, so New Zealand companies must be careful with their paperwork. Apparently, China is so busy making New Zealand comply that they haven’t noticed that the United States very much recognizes Taiwan.  


Microsoft Wants to Pick the News You Read — Harmeet K. Dhillon, The Daily Caller  


Former US Service Member Monica Elfriede Witt Charged with Espionage for Spying for Iran — FBI  


Profile of a Traitor: How Monica Witt Proffered Herself to Iranian Intelligence — Christopher Burgess, Clearance Jobs

Holmes and I believe her sentence for her espionage crimes should be life in Iran as a tool of the mullahs.  


Hezbollah Is in Venezuela to Stay — Colin P. Clarke, The RAND Blog, The RAND Corporation  


Sunni Jihad is Going Local — Hassan Hassan, The Atlantic  


Major DNA Testing Company Sharing Genetic Data With the FBI — Kristen V. Brown, Bloomberg  


China Uses DNA to Track Its People With the Help of American Expertise — Sui-Lee Wee, The New York Times  


Stepping Back from the Edge . . .


Her Title Was Cryptologic Technician. Now the World Knows She Was Really a Badass. Tribunist  


Navy Chief Cryptologic Technician Shannon Kent
Image by US Navy, public domain



Breaking Codes, Smashing Glass Ceilings: What We Can Learn about Gender and Professional Accomplishment from a WWII Cryptanalyst — Courtney Weinbaum, Modern War Institute at West Point  


Pentagon Outlines Its First Artificial Intelligence Strategy — Matt O’Brien, The Associated Press, Military Times  


Trump Administration Designates $50 Million in Foreign Aid to Support Women’s Empowerment — Joe McCarthy, Global Citizen  


The Wind in My Hair: One Iranian Woman’s Courageous Struggle Against Being Forced to Wear the Hijab — Joanna Moorhead, The Guardian  


Iranian Revolution: Arafat and the Ayatollahs — Tony Badran, Tablet Magazine  


A Brief History of Border Walls–From Ancient Iraq to Trump’s Mexico Wall — David Frye, Historyextra

Could border walls have been directly responsible for the rise of civilizations? Some say yes.  


Law Professor Jonathan Turley on the Legal Fight Over the Border Wall — Lulu Garcia-Navarro, Weekend Edition Sunday, NPR


US Representative Dan Crenshaw Visits the Texas/Mexico Border (below)

Want the Wall, don’t want the Wall, but please explore the situation before taking a position.  



And These are Just Fun . . .


A Beautiful Documentary About the Yamabushi Monks in Japan Who Immerse Themselves In Nature — Lori Dorn, The New York Times  


Living In Japan: A Guide for Digital Nomads — Guest Writer, Goats on the Road  


Yuki Shrine at Kurama-dera Temple, Kyoto, Japan
Image by Fg2, public domain


Why No One Eats “Supper” Anymore and How It Differs from “Dinner” — Shannon Ratliff, Wide Open Eats  


Zillow Listing Has a Very Tasteful Sex Dungeon and Just WTF Is Happening Here? — Maria Guido, Scary Mommy  



All the best to all of you for a week of being understood.  

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