By Piper Bayard

image by Sam Pullara, wikimedia commons

image by Sam Pullara, wikimedia commons


It’s children who deliver mothers into the world. Before children, we are daughters, girlfriends, and wives, but until we love a child, we are not mothers. The part of us that grows into a mother remains a child until a child becomes more important to us than we are to ourselves.

Mother’s Day is the day we honor the women who were delivered by children — the women who love us more than they love themselves, whether they are our biological mothers and grandmothers or the adoptive mothers, sisters, and mentors who have come into our lives and taught us what love means.

Today, I not only think of my beloved mother, who smiles down on me as I nurture her grandchildren and laughs down at me at me each time I use the klunky electric skillet I always teased her about, but I am also made complete with gratitude toward my children–the people who gave birth to the mother in me. I would not be me without them.

This one is for the babies. In my heart you will remain forever young . . . Thank you.



To all women who love a child more than they love themselves, Happy Mothers Day.

All the best to all of you for staying forever young.