By Bayard & Holmes

Release: Tuesday, April 12

Bayard and Holmes are excited to announce the new release of the first novel in our Apex Predator international spy thriller series, The Leopard of Cairo. To celebrate, all digital versions of The Leopard of Cairo are on sale for three days at the discount price of $0.99.

John Viera left his CIA fieldwork hoping for a “normal” occupation and a long-awaited family, but when a Pakistani engineer is kidnapped from a top-secret US project and diplomatic entanglements tie the government’s hands, the Intelligence Community turns to John and his team of ex-operatives to investigate — strictly off the books. They uncover a plot of unprecedented magnitude that will precipitate the slaughter of millions.

From the corporate skyscrapers of Montreal to the treacherous alleys of Baluchistan, these formidable enemies strike, determined to create a regional apocalypse and permanently alter the balance of world power. Isolated in their knowledge of the impending devastation, John and his network stand alone between total destruction and the Leopard of Cairo.


An Apex Predator Novella

By Bayard & Holmes

Release: Tuesday, April 19


The accompanying Apex Predator novella, The Panther of Baracoa, is also on pre-sale discount for $0.99 and releases April 19.

Finally free from his gritty MI6 existence in Pakistan, Martin Blackburn is eager to embrace life on a Cuban cocoa plantation to provide a conduit for the United Kingdom to surveil Russian construction of a military and nuclear base.

Just as he releases the mental burdens of the underworld hellholes, a beautiful, black-haired woman approaches Martin on the beach and hands him a USB drive. “You must take this and leave Cuba forever. Once you pass it on, you will no longer be safe in the West, but millions will suffer if you do not expose this plot.”

Suddenly, thugs are shadowing Martin’s every step, and MI6 is sending him back to Quetta for an undisclosed mission. Other than his American friend, John Viera, Martin no longer knows who he can trust, but only that there is a mole in the upper echelons of the UK government.

Friend becomes foe and hunter becomes prey when a new predator springs into the shadow world, and Martin is ensnared in the clandestine jungle of the Panther of Baracoa.


“Bayard and Holmes’s Apex Predator: The Leopard of Cairo is everything I love in a story. Here is a lightning-fast tale of intrigue, lies, and the mother-of-all terrorist plots. Big story, big adventure, big thumbs-up!”

—JAMES ROLLINS, New York Times Bestselling Author of Kingdom of Bones 


“A fantastic spy thriller. Wild adventure, delicious storytelling, tradecraft that only the insiders know. An excellent reminder that great spies tell great stories. Do not miss the Truth and Fiction section at the back.”

—ANNIE JACOBSEN, Pulitzer Prize Nominated Author of Surprise, Kill, Vanish; TV writer/producer of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan


“A chilling and realistic glimpse behind the secretive, covert veil.  Proof that most have no clue how much others sacrifice and willingly forfeit for the rest of us.  A fantastic read!”

—Vicki Hinze, USA Today Bestselling Author


“With echoes of LeCarre and Clancy, Apex Predator: The Leopard of Cairo is a taut, yet sweeping thriller, with wisps of humor and torrents of crisply woven action. John Viera is a hero for the world as it is, not how we wish it to be, his lethal combination of smarts and skill the perfect prescription for men of evil, be they cloaked in the camouflage of an enemy, or ensconced in the trappings of power.”

—Ryne Douglas Pearson, Screenwriter and Bestselling Author of Simple Simon



On Tuesday, April 12, The Leopard of Cairo will be $9.99.

We want you, our readers, to have first crack at our Apex Predator debut at a deep discount to show our appreciation for your support over the years. Thank you. You’re the best.

Piper Bayard & Jay Holmes